2" Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds for the View

There are many reasons why people choose wood blinds for their window coverings: aesthetics, light control and to keep what is outside – outside.  What I mean is, we don’t always get to control what we see out our windows and at times, it’s something we rather not see.

Take this case as an example.  A family is moving into a new home.  They wanted to get rid of the existing aluminum 1″ blinds for something that was easy to maintain, dust-free, and something that ‘upped’ the aesthetics of the room.  After going over the options we decided on 2″ Soft Wood Blinds.  These light-weight wood blinds also come with a decorative wood cornice style valance.  The other reason for this choice was the rear windows.  The house sits elevated over the homes in back.  Not exactly the view one wants.  With the 2″ Wood Blinds you can tilt them just enough to let in plenty of light during the day yet hide the view of the neighbors back yards.

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