San Pedro View with Wood Blinds

BeforeAfterWoodBlinds-01What do you do when you have a gorgeous panoramic view of Catalina Island but you need some shade at certain times of the day, a bit of privacy and a way to protect furniture for the harsh sun?  For this San Pedro home, the best solution was 2 inch, sandblasted wood blinds.

The 2 inch wood blinds add a bit of elegance where vertical blinds, 1 inch or other blinds wouldn’t.  Now, we could have gone with a Silhouette or some sort of honeycomb design but that would have obstructed the view too much and not allowed for minor adjustments.

These 2 inch would blinds are perfect.  They can be tilted slightly to re-direct the suns rays but still affords you that tremendous view.

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– Bert Randeen, Scandia Carpets

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