July Window Covering Sale

Buy 3 get 1 Free

WoodBlindsFor the month of July (2016), we are offering a special on Window Coverings (blinds).  Get 3 and get 1, of equal or lesser value, for FREE.

Add aesthetics, privacy, keep out the harsh effects of the sun.

This is offer is valid for all window coverings we carry, including: Wood Blinds, Mini Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades, Roller Shades and more.

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The options available are virtually limitless.  For example, studies have shown that sleeping in completely darkened rooms helps our sleep.  Thus, for your bedroom, we recommend Cellular Shades with Black Out fabric.  These blinds do just what they say, the Black Out the light.Window Coverings - Scandia Carpets

For living and family rooms, you want maximum control of the light, but also want an elegance that an aluminum mini-blind can’t afford.  In this case, we would recommend a 2″ Wood Horizontal Blind. These blinds come in many different colors and textures to accentuate your furnishings.  Options like cordless operation and 2″ fabric tape are available.

We measure your shades for custom fit and offer professional installation services.

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We service Los Angeles and Orange Counties as well as the Inland Empire.


2" Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds for the View

There are many reasons why people choose wood blinds for their window coverings: aesthetics, light control and to keep what is outside – outside.  What I mean is, we don’t always get to control what we see out our windows and at times, it’s something we rather not see.

Take this case as an example.  A family is moving into a new home.  They wanted to get rid of the existing aluminum 1″ blinds for something that was easy to maintain, dust-free, and something that ‘upped’ the aesthetics of the room.  After going over the options we decided on 2″ Soft Wood Blinds.  These light-weight wood blinds also come with a decorative wood cornice style valance.  The other reason for this choice was the rear windows.  The house sits elevated over the homes in back.  Not exactly the view one wants.  With the 2″ Wood Blinds you can tilt them just enough to let in plenty of light during the day yet hide the view of the neighbors back yards.

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Save money and heating and cooling with cellular shades

Save Energy – Go Cellular – Blinds

We are all looking to save money on energy costs. One of the most cost effective and easy ways is to go cellular, blinds that is.  Cellular blinds or window coverings, is a beautiful way to update any room all the while saving energy costs by keeping rooms cool during the summer and warm during the winter.  They come in many different sizes and colors, including options such as top-down bottom-up, which allow you to close (or open) the blind from the top or the bottom of the window.

Cellular blinds, or Duette® as Hunter Douglas calls them, provides the home owner with many options:Cellular blinds and window coverings - Scandia Carpets

  1. Fabric Color: the color selection is vast and allows for color matching your decor.
  2. Opaqueness: from light-filtering to room-darkening varieties, they can help you serve the purpose of your rooms.
  3. Cells: single, double, or triple-celled shades allow for greater insulation and opaqueness.
  4. Stacking: unlike wood, aluminum or other window coverings, cellular shades stack relatively thin, allowing for less obstruction of the view from your window.

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San Pedro View with Wood Blinds

BeforeAfterWoodBlinds-01What do you do when you have a gorgeous panoramic view of Catalina Island but you need some shade at certain times of the day, a bit of privacy and a way to protect furniture for the harsh sun?  For this San Pedro home, the best solution was 2 inch, sandblasted wood blinds.

The 2 inch wood blinds add a bit of elegance where vertical blinds, 1 inch or other blinds wouldn’t.  Now, we could have gone with a Silhouette or some sort of honeycomb design but that would have obstructed the view too much and not allowed for minor adjustments.

These 2 inch would blinds are perfect.  They can be tilted slightly to re-direct the suns rays but still affords you that tremendous view.

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– Bert Randeen, Scandia Carpets

How to Clean Blinds

No matter what kind of blinds you have—wooden, fabric and vertical are the three basic types—these tips will make their cleaning and maintenance easy:

1. Vacuum blinds often with the brush attachment. Vacuum across the slats, not up and down.

2. Use a lamb’s-wool duster, again working across the slats and starting at the top. Do not use plastic dusters.

3. When dusting or vacuuming vertical blinds, brush downward only, as the slats often become unhooked if you brush upward.

4. Use a rubber sponge, also known as a dry sponge (found at hardware and paint stores), to remove dust and residue from both fabric and vinyl blinds. Simply wipe the dry sponge firmly across the blinds.

5. For spot cleaning, spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a clean dry cloth and wipe the soiled area of the blind. Never spray the cleaner directly onto the blind.

6. You can wet wooden blinds when cleaning, but don’t soak them. Clean them in place instead of removing them as you would for other types of blinds. [more]